Saturday, March 29, 2008


In 1976 a National Research Council Panel estimated that Western World lithium reserves and resources totaled 10.6 million tonnes as elemental lithium.

Subsequent discoveries, particularly in brines in the southern Andes and the plateaus of western China and Tibet have increased the tonnages significantly. Geothermal brines and lithium bearing clays add to the total.

This current estimate totals 28.4 million tonnes Li equivalent to more than 150.0 million tonnes of lithium carbonate of which nearly 14.0 million tonnes lithium (about 74.0 million tonnes of carbonate) are at active or proposed operations.

This can be compared with current demand for lithium chemicals which approximates to 84,000 tonnes as lithium carbonate equivalents (16,000 tonnes Li).

Concerns regarding lithium availability for hybrid or electric vehicle batteries or other foreseeable applications are unfounded.


Sion said...

Its very good to know that there is plenty of lithium about. I want a lithium ion battery car!..:)

Pablo Tecopa said...

It would appear that there is soon to be an overabundance of Li with demand catching up. It also appears that Silver Peak reserves may be soon be gone and I wonder how this will affect Chemetall's position in the world of Li as SQM is gaining ground by leaps and bounds.

CCMS Capital said...

Great article.

The only lithium brine producer in North America is by Chemitall's Silver Stream property.

Only two company with projects nearby is TNR (TNR:TSX) and Rodinia (RM:TSX)

I'm not sure I can agree with the lithium abundance idea - li carbonate sells for $6000-15000/tonne and in various forms for glass/drugs and of course, batteries - huge fluctuation occur because of the mostly industrial price quoting systems

Prakash Manvi said...


I am trying to understand this Lithium Industry. One thing is there are many articles and throw different prices for Li Carbonate.
Following is from the

The solar energy keeps SQM's costs to an estimated $1,260 per ton of lithium carbonate.

It sells that ton for up to $12,000.

Please help me. This is the Li Carbonate price and not the anodes which goes into Lithium Battery correct. What is the price for LiCo3 now with the recession. Any advise from all the experts greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

CCMS Capital said...

From what I have been told by lithium companies it ranges from $5000-15000 per ton depending on grade of Lithium carbonate

Unknown said...

I am a citizen of Bolivia, and have a question for the experts.Is the Bolivian reserve of any importance in the world contect.We have the belief that a great percentage of lithium is in Bolivia.

Daniela said...

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Unknown said...

Hi Keith, some really interesting information here. I'm researching lithium batteries for cars as part of a BBC eningineering series, would love your thoughts if you have a few minutes?


Unknown said...

Does Paraguay have lithium deposits? Considering proximity from Bolivia and Argentina, it is plausible to guess there should be some in Paragauy as well.

How does one prospect to find a commercial deposit?

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hi there! I was wondering if I could get a pdf of the article. I'm a university student doing research on the history of Lithium mining.
Thanks in advance!

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